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Digital Business Consultancy

We take traditional business and organisational processes and identify the new technologies that will enhance their performance and impact, both now and in the future.

Book a FREE Consultation

Book a FREE 30 minute NO obligation strategy call with one of our team.

    Digital Business Consultants

    Do you want to increase sales, get more leads and have the best online presence in your market?

     Our Digital Business Consultants coach your business to build a digital presence that increases leads and sales. 

    And best of all….your business will generate all this on autopilot!

    We break your strategy down into monthly tasks and achievable goals to build your business month after month. 

    Our team teaches and mentors you through the whole process with constant communication with you and our team. 

    Schedule your FREE 30 minute no obligation strategy call now.

    So…..How are you going to increase sales for my business?

    Below is a super light version of some of the modules we coach you in to increase your sales/leads. 

     We conduct an initial business review in our first face-to-face meeting. This usually takes between 2 and 4 hours depending on your business.

     We then get onto planing, and build a digital strategy specific to your business broken down into monthly modules. 

     We meet you at the start of every month review the previous months goals, to start you on the next module and set this months goals.

     Every Monday we have a 30 minute video call to discuss the previous week, the coming week and to ensure your goals are being meet.

     Website design concept (Graphic Design), Website Development & implementation of changes.

     Developing Sales Funnels, Marketing Funnels, High Value Content Offers, Up-selling and sales ladders.


     PPC Advertising – We dive into using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn. Instagram for lead generation & visitor re-marketing.

     Email Series development for new & exsisting customers, monthly newsletters, abandoned carts follow up emails. 

     Cold emailing lead generation automation. Showing you how to design, structure & run successful cold email campaigns to you generate leads.

     Social Media Workshop – Positioning, post scheduling, lead generation and engagement across all social media channels.

     Data deep dive of all PPC campaigns, Sales Funnels, Design UX Offers, Sales ladder’s & Email Series.

      Building teams based on our organisational structures to fulfill all of your digital business needs. Our approach requires NO new employees.

    Do you want to transform your business?

    We're a dynamic team of Consulting Experts.

    We want to help you achieve the highest level of success for your business by using our proven strategic methods of success.

    Book in for a FREE 30 minute strategy consultation call today with a member of our team. 

    Get your FREE copy of our eBook

    13 Proven Strategies To Improve Conversions

    13 Proven Strategies To Improve Converstions


    For a limited time,  we’ll email you a FREE copy of our guide: 13 Proven Strategies To Improve Conversions. This report contains vital information that will help you increase your conversions.  

    This is a must-read for anyone looking to increase and grow your conversions to their full potential.

      People seem to like us

      All I can say is WOW. I always had an idea of what I should be doing online for my business. We thought we knew. We really didn't. Our eyes have been opened. Thanks to ThreeFive we have seen an increase in leads, conversions & sales. And best of all, it's automated. Only speaking to hot leads means we only talk to potential customers who are actually interested.
      Ben Murray
      Ben Murray
      Working with ThreeFive now for 6 months. It has seriously transformed how we approach our business online. They coached us through every module, they were always at the other end of the phone for anything we needed. Looking forward to the next 6 months. Excited is an understatement!
      Anne Lyons
      Anne Lyons
      SEO Originator
      Where do I even start. ThreeFive have mentored us for 8 months now. We had no idea that we would be in the position we are in today back then. We now have a team of 15 external contractors who handle every aspect of our digital presence streamlining and automating everything. Lead generation was always our downfall wasting hours cold calling and emailing. I don't have to beg for business anymroe! Thanks for everything!
      Thomas McGovern
      Thomas McGovern

      Why would I need a business consultant/mentor?

      You have leads coming into your business, from various marketing channels such as Google, Facebook, email marketing etc. But you or your sales team are complaining about ‘lead quality’.

      You might be saying…

      These leads are shit…” OR None of them are qualified or ready to buy”…

      That’s the biggest problem we see businesses PLAGUED by!

      They’re used to dealing with leads that come from word-of-mouth and referrals and aren’t used to handling leads from advertising (which are colder).

      So even with all these leads they can’t turn them into what they really want…MORE CUSTOMERS and SALES!

      If you want to grow your business and profits this is something you MUST understand how to do because there are only so many referrals you can get. It’s not a dependable way to grow your business…

      It might be ok if you’re happy ‘owning a job’ and not ‘owning a business’. However, if you’re serious about building a cash-generating machine that gives you;

      • More time with your kids.
      • More time with your spouse.
      • Longer holidays.
      • Less stress.
      • More fun.
      • More choices.

      In one word…More FREEDOM.

      Sounds GREAT… But how do I  achieve all the above?

      You must have a proven system for converting leads generated from advertising.Turning complete strangers into high-paying clients like clockwork. And If you don’t, your days are numbered, because the statistics are grim! 96% of ALL businesses fail.

      The main reason they fail is from a lack of capital. They don’t know how to ring the cash register in high enough volumes to keep their doors open. Or in other words, they don’t know how to SELL enough of their goods and services! And that’s because they rely on referrals and ‘word-of-mouth’ to grow their business. And take whatever fate happens to fall in their lap. This is called this ‘hope and prayer’ marketing.

      And that’s the overwhelming reason why these businesses end up failing…

      They never truly learn how to generate new customers at will.

      And that is how you achieve “all the above”, you need to generate new customers at will.

      But I already market my business online and get customers so?

      You see, when it comes to growing a business most people think. “I just need more leads”… Gimme more, more, more.

      Throw another €10k at Facebook or Google Ads. Ramp up our remarketing. Add another sales rep.

      But never take the time to seriously focus on what happens post lead generation.

      • How many times to follow up?
      • How to keep persisting and following up without being pushy or sounding desperate?
      • What do I do when a hot prospect goes cold and starts ghosting me? 
      • How to ‘minimise’ my price so it feels like a pittance?

      Look, these are all things we have obsessed about. Turning complete strangers into high-paying clients for a living.

      And this isn’t something we simply ‘know’ how to do.

      We’re giving you the opportunity to generate more sales. Without hype or outdated pushy sales tactics.

      And have your prospects thank you for the experience.